CIM Organisation


Yacht Clubs:

  • Yacht Club Italiano
  • Yacht Club de France
  • Real Club Náutico de Barcelona
  • Yacht Club de Monaco
  • Hellenic Offshore Racing Club (affiliated club)


  • Italian Sailing Federation
  • French Sailing Federation
  • Spanish Sailing Federation
  • Hellenic Sailing Federation  
  • Monegasque Sailing Federation


  • Associazione Italiana Vele d’Epoca (AIVE)
  • Association  Française  de  Yachts  de Tradition (AFYT)
  • Association  Monégasque  de  Bateaux  Classiques (AMBC)
  • Real Asociación Nacional de Cruceros (RANC)

Governing Bodies:

Plenary assembly:

  •          Composed by the representatives of all CIM members
  •          Meeting at least once a year
  •         Treats all the questions relating to the running of the association and ratifies the Rules for the rating.

The Executive Committee:


  •         Presidents of the national sailing federation of the four founding countries (France, Italy, Monaco, Spain)
  •         Presidents of founding member yacht clubs (Yacht Club de France, Yacht Club de Monaco, Yacht Club Italiano, Real Club Náutico de Barcelona)
  •         Presidents of national associations of the four founding countries (Associazione Italiana Vele d’Epoca (AIVE), Association Française de Yachts de Tradition (AFYT), Association Monégasque de Bateaux Classiques (AMBC), Real Asociación Nacional de Cruceros (RANC)).



The Executive Board:

Admiral Yves Lagane, President

– Pier Maria Giusteschi Conti, General Secretary

– Ernst Klaus, Treasurer


Rating Committee

Renaud Godard (AFYT)
Roger Gibert (AFYT)
Ernst Klaus (AMBC)
… (AMBC)
Diego Colon y Carvajal (RANC)
Rosa Maria Perez Segui (RANC)
Pier Maria Giusteschi Conti (AIVE)
Vittorio Mariani (AIVE)

Safety Committee

Mr Thierry Leret (YCM)
Awaiting nominations from other member countries

Communications Committee

Miss Isabelle Andrieux (YCM)
Awaiting nominations from other member countries

General Secretariat

at Yacht Club Italiano

porticciolo Duca degli Abruzzi – 16128 Genova

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International Mediterranean Committee